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Making Expatriates
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About Xpatrium

Our history and how we help expatriates

Xpatrium was founded in 2003 to cater for the market of expatriates relocating to the area between Milton Keynes and London and has since become an established partner of international companies in the region.

Founder Carola Holz, born in Germany, has lived with her family in various locations around the world and has in-depth first hand experience of the multitude of issues involved in moving to a new country. Fluency in several European languages and the knowledge of different cultures are valuable assets for introducing newcomers to life in the UK. Carola recognises that many expatriates will be more at ease going through the process of relocation with a partner who speaks their native language and understands their cultural background.

Xpatrium works to put expatriate employees and their families at ease, going beyond the usual home and school search and doing everything possible to make them feel at home in their new environment. Our personalised settling-in services enable employees to start work right away without loosing precious time finding the services they need. We aim to enable families to make the most of their stay in the UK right from the beginning.

“Families want, first and foremost, assurances of a contact at the new destination to help the family settle in and to whom the spouse can direct questions.”

Source: Report on the Key Findings of the AMJ Campbell International Relocation Survey

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